Vial manufacturing process

Vials which protect drugs require not only cleanliness but also solidity. Our vials are produced from one single piece of tube glass in a continuous process, by vertical or horizontal type machines. The horizontal type we are proudly using ensures excellent cleanliness and solidity and also suppresses adhesion of foreign substances by using a chill cutting method on the glass. Then as with ampoules, vials are sent to the ultrasonic washing and drying machine, being processed in an ultra-clean state. Vials are then inspected by automated dimension and appearance equipment, which covers the whole vial using eight cameras, or the laser dimension equipment, for 100% visual inspection, before being packed and boxed.

Thus, vials of the highest quality level anywhere in the world are produced by our manufacturing line and quality control system, both of which are consistent from forming through washing to packaging. Our quality-oriented policy serves as the foundation for our faith in ourselves as “the manufacturer of medical containers with outstanding safety.”