Technical innovation

As seen with the various inspection systems installed on each production line and with fully automated production line itself, our manufacturing technology is the latest in the world. In the field of medical containers, “multiproduct production and small lots” is the modern way, and high level technology is required to meet such needs. By working hard on the needs of our customers, we have gradually evolved our technology up to a world class standard.

For example, the automated dimension and appearance inspection equipment installed on the vial production line has five cameras for appearance and three for dimensional inspection, covering the whole production line. Values measured are shown in real time and the condition of a vial can be checked at a glance. Moreover with the line scanning method, the appearance sensor inspects the vial’s body, bottom-end and flange, automatically eliminating cracked, soiled or defective products. It is state-of-the-art technology, of which we are very proud. The quality of our products will continue to be refined through close contact with our customers.

Automatic dimensional appearance inspection equipment

Operation screen

Image-processing automatic inspection equipment

Image sensor